Workshop Update – Episode #3

It’s time for another update!! Workshop Wednesdays Update Episode #3 has been published this morning!  Check out what I have been up to and make sure to subscribe!  I will be publishing a project this Wednesday so keep checking back! Advertisements

Workshop Update 2018 – Episode #1

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and were able to spend time doing the things they love to do.  Whether that be spending time with family or getting into your shop to make things! I have some very exciting announcements to make.  As a resolution for the new year I have…

Workshop Wednesdays – Acrylic Bottle Stopper

Episode #9 – Here is another one I forgot to post.  Sorry! During pen casting, sometimes you have left over that will not fit into the tube for the blank.  Rather than throwing that away and wasting it, Jason pours it into a spare plastic disposable cup.  Once it is full it becomes the perfect…

Workshop Wednesdays – Acrylic Pen

I forgot to make this post previously but here is the video we did the other week on Workshop Wednesdays.  We are turning an acrylic pen on the lathe and this one was really a challenge for me because I do not do much acrylic and it is a LOT less forgiving than wood. I…

Adam’s Shop Tour

We are adding some additional content to Workshop Wednesdays over the next few weeks (possibly months).  This week is my shop tour.  My shop isn’t big and it can be cluttered and messy sometimes.  But at this point, it is one of my favorite places to be.  Check out the video and make sure to…

Workshop Wednesdays Episode #6

last week on Workshop Wednesdays Jason is our host showing us how he installed his french cleat system for better tool storage.  Be sure to check out the video, like, and subscribe!  Also we will be adding a few extra videos in so keep an eye out for all of the new content!

Laser Etching at Familab

Today on Workshop Wednesdays we head over to Familab (our favorite local Makerspace) to etch a name on a glass using the Epilog Fusion 60w Laser. If you haven’t already, head over to our channel and check out our other Workshop Wednesday videos.  Like and subscribe to show your support!