The Sailboat Project – Part #5

We needed a break from the fiberglass so Al and I decided to start work on the rudder.  My original idea was to make it out of wood then apply a lot of fiberglass to protect it and keep it together.  However, Al was able to come up with a better idea.  Someone he knows has a company that makes StarBoard which is typically used for things like boat decking.  I do not know much about it but it seems to be a super heavy, super strong type of plastic.

We got a sheet big enough to make the rudder and also to remake the hatch door.  The current door is “working” but it is pretty rotten from the weather and abuse.  The StarBoard will hold up a LOT better and likely last through the life of the boat.  However, the door is another post for another day.

After cutting a VERY basic shape for the rudder we had to brainstorm how to get it to connect to the boat.  After a few trips back and forth to Ace Hardware, with no luck, we decided to move on to other things.  Al was able to get more of the fiberglass done on the keel but the day was just so hot that the fiberglass resin continued to cure quicker than normal.  We threw in the towel for the day.

After some research online I found the part we need for the rudder.  It’s called a Pintle and there are a bunch of them on Amazon to choose from.  It looks like we will be ordering a set of them soon.


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