The Sailboat Project – Part #4

Now that the outside is coming together, I went back to working on the inside wiring.  I found a LOT of random cut wires and wanted to make sure once I connected the battery that it wouldn’t short anything out.  However, I also found the battery was already connected.  Luckily, it wasn’t running to much of anything.  The previous owners bypassed the battery switch and wired it directly to a junction panel.  It turned out the only thing connected there is what used to be the lines to the pumps.

I traced every wire I could find then reconnected the battery.  At the moment I disconnected most of the 120v power since it is likely that we will not use that.  We may in the future so I left the wires and outlets in place but disconnected it all from the panels. Once the battery was connected I started testing everything.  It looks like all of the lights are working, the 12v power outlet and USB ports also work.  I think this point is where I got the most excited about this boat.  Things are really starting to come together and it doesn’t seem like it’s as much as a waste as I originally thought.

I also took the bathroom faucet off so I can fix it.  It looks like it may just need a new seal in the bottom portion and I found a kit online that may just work.  This is awesome considering these faucets originally cost over $100 but the kit is less than $20.  The kitchen faucet is a little different and has a foot pump.  That one is even more expensive and seems to be working fine.

The more I look through this boat, the more parts I find that are in really good condition and work really well or they just need a little help.  Overall I think we got a good deal based off what we are using this for.  If we had to rebuild an entire keel, that would probably set things over.

There are a TON of upgrades and changes I would like to do to the interior but for now we need to finish the outside focus.  The inside can be worked on anytime.  Even while it is on the water.  However, keep checking back if you are interested in what I plan to do with the entire boat, both inside and out!


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