Workshop Wednesdays – Acrylic Bottle Stopper

Episode #9 – Here is another one I forgot to post.  Sorry!

During pen casting, sometimes you have left over that will not fit into the tube for the blank.  Rather than throwing that away and wasting it, Jason pours it into a spare plastic disposable cup.  Once it is full it becomes the perfect size for a bottle stopper blank.  Since this is just a bunch of random left over colors, you really get a surprise when you finish turning it.  This is a video of the first one and it turned out really neat looking!  Check out the video and don’t forget to like, subscribe, or even comment to let us know what you did or didn’t like about the video!


One thought on “Workshop Wednesdays – Acrylic Bottle Stopper

  1. Thst was beautiful and informative. I think you should end with showing it in a beautiful bottle. I think your slogan should be, Dontcha wanna try this!?

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