The Sailboat Project – Part #3

I recently went out of town for work but when I came back I noticed Al did some fiberglass work on the boat.  Before I left we filled the crack with some thicker fiberglass filler.  Then he was able to grind it down and start the first layer of the fiberglass sheets.  Once I got settled back into my normal routine, I added the side pieces of fiberglass to complete the first outside layer.  I also cut a piece of wood in the shape of the top hole and screwed it in place.  The following day I removed the wooden “stitches” and we added a large piece of fiberglass to the inside.  Doing a little at a time like this is making it seem like a lot more is getting done than it actually is.  Either that or maybe I just felt like there was a lot more to do.

Before the fiberglass was put on in the inside I went through the entire boat pulling off and opening every panel I could possibly find.  I wanted to trace all the different wires and tubes running throughout the boat.  Doing this really taught me a LOT about the boat, how it was originally designed, and even made assumptions on what modifications the previous owner was doing.  One thing we found is there is a LOT of wasted space.  Usually in a vehicle/home/camper/etc. like this, you would want to utilize all of the small spaces.  This is something I am going to have to change for sure.  Although the boat is fairly large, utilizing all of the unused space will make things a lot more comfortable.



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