The Sailboat Project – Part #1

After a couple weeks of fighting with trailers and modifying one we got off Craigslist, we were finally able to get the sailboat home.  So far we are pretty far in the hole with the cost of this thing.  It was supposed to be a super cheap deal that we just have to fix up, but it has already cost a lot in storage fees since we were unable to pick it up for so long.

Also we found the damage to be a bit worse than we had originally thought.  Aside from the hole in the hull, missing keel, and cut mast, we also found that the mast isn’t only cut but missing the part that was cut off.  The sails are no in the boat like we hoped and the boom is missing. so after much banging our heads off the wall, we decided to just kind of roll with it and see where this thing takes us.  The inside has a LOT of potential and the boat, overall isn’t in terrible shape if it weren’t for all the missing parts. Since it came with an outboard engine we decided to at LEAST make it a floating camper.  The engine isn’t strong enough to really get this boat moving but it will probably be a decent, low wake, speed.  This could get the boat to a nice place to anchor.  Then it could just be used for weekend (or longer) getaways.

Once we decided to not just scrap it and try to get our money back, I started work on the pulling apart the inside in order to get to the hole and crack.  I made a good amount of progress in a short time but I was so covered in fiberglass and tired from working all day that I decided to leave it for the night. I may have to cut into the bench to get to the rest of the crack but that should be easy to cover up or fix once the crack is repaired.

Other than the Workshop Wednesdays videos, this boat and the 12ft skiff are going to be my primary focus of my projects for a while.  I really want to get this thing in the water as soon as possible and the skiff will be used to go back and forth from the shore to the boat while it is anchored.  I am going to try as hard as I can to not pick up additional projects and even sidebar most of my others so I can get this done.  If you’re interested on the progress of this rebuild, subscribe to my blog as this is where I will be keeping everyone updated.



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