150cc Bash Scooter Upkeep – Part 4

While I was taking a break from blog posts I got tired of the scooter sitting on the patio doing nothing.  I decided to break down and replace the clutch in an effort to see if that helps the speed issues.  I ordered one on Amazon and once it came in I called my buddy to give me a hand with taking it off.  This was a HUGE pain.  First we tried a couple cordless impact drivers.  These had exactly ZERO effect.  After a lot of fussing around, trying different ways to attempt to move the bolt, and even breaking the kick start, we were finally able to break it loose.  I put the new clutch and belt back on to find that the scooter now runs worse.  Even the idle is garbage at this point.  It starts but at idle it rumbles a lot and gassing it seems to do very little.

Because it sat for so long, this issue can be a number of things.  Whether it is related to the issue before the new clutch or not, I do not know.  I guess at this point I am going to have to start from the beginning again.  I will need to double check the valves, clean the carb, check the fuel filter, check the timing (not sure how this would have gotten thrown off but still worth a check), etc.

On a positive note, the scooter is completely paid off.  Which means once I get it running good again I may end up selling it.  As much as I like scooting around on this thing for quick trips or having it as a backup vehicle, it seems to be giving me way more problems than it is worth.  Although I may just be bitter at this point… we’ll see.


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