Pen Displays – 3D Prints

Jason and I have been going to the farmers market in Sanford FL every Saturday to sell the stuff we make on our Workshop Wednesdays YouTube channel.  We found that just laying the pens on the table doesn’t really grab anyone’s eye but once they are displayed upright, they are a lot more noticeable.  So I decided to see if I could 3D print some custom displays.

Now I am not the greatest 3D designer, nor do I have good 3D design software.  So I headed back over to and threw some shapes together to make my own design.  This was actually a lot easier than I had thought it would be and they turned out really good.  I had previously printed one in white PLA just as a test but since I am now out of the white filament I just printed two more with the red ABS filament I still had laying around.

We took them to the farmer’s market over the weekend and they seemed to work really well.  Having the pens standing up seems to catch more eyes than just sitting on the table.  Unfortunately I did not get any photos of them in action.  They aren’t beautiful but they function as needed.


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