The Sailboat Project – The Beginning

OMG I finally got a sailboat!!  Well partial sailboat.  My buddy Al paid for most of it so far plus it’s not in the best condition.  So yeah… partial sailboat.  So this means I have another project.  I am going to try my hardest to not drag my feet on this one though.  I am really excited to start this one and hopefully it will not be too long until we are able to take it out on the water.  I am not going to lie though, this thing needs a LOT of work.

As of right now the boat is still at the storage facility and we haven’t had all that much time to investigate the full extent of what needs to be done.  However listed below are some things I can call out just by what I have seen so far.

  1. The hull and deck has some decent damage.  We are likely going to have to rip out the rotten part, reinforce what is there, and do some fiberglass magic.
  2. Mast has been cut off.  The mast is still there but since it is cut off we will have to look at this closer and come up with a plan to repair or replace it.
  3. Water damage inside.  I have not seen the inside just yet but I am absolutely sure there is a good amount of water damage to the inside due to the hull damage and the top being open all the time it has been stored.
  4. The keel is broken off. I think this may become the hardest part of this repair.  The keel was completely broken off.  We will have to come up with some kind of replacement.  I am not 100% familiar with something like this so this will require a lot of research and planning on my part.

So far just getting the boat to my house has become a disaster.  Al and I had this crazy idea that, since it did not have a keel, we could use a wooden gantry to put the boat onto his 16ft utility trailer.  This was not the case.  Once we got out there we realized that the weight on the back would be too much on the back axle likely causing it to break.  We then attempted to rent a boat trailer (no special one needed without a keel as long as it can fit the 26ft boat) but that turned into a fail when the owner found a lock on the trailer that the previous renter did not remove.

At this point we decided to just drive our 2.5 hours home and call it a day since it was so late.  We have a new plan set into motion that will get us a used boat trailer that we will then be able to use for both boats.  Once we get the boat to the house I will inspect it further and make a more detailed list of repairs that will need to be done.  I will be logging my progress on my blog and likely doing videos of the entire process.


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