150cc Bash Scooter Upkeep – Part 3

dsci0004I finally got around to working on the scooter again and I figured out what I did wrong with the valve adjustment.  I didn’t have the variator in the correct position so the adjustment made them WAY off.  I readjusted them and it ran without stalling.  Unfortunately it still has an extremely slow top speed.  At full throttle it slowly climbs to about 30mph but seems to max out there.

After doing some research online I came across this guy’s youtube channel.  He has a lot of good videos for the GY6 engine that is in these cheap Chinese scooters and goes really in depth with all the repairs and maintenance.  He has good videos on how to replace the clutch, belt, and variator.  It looks like a common reason these scooters max out low like this is when the clutch sticks.  I hear a slight squeaking so it may also be the belt slipping.

So I took the off the cover that goes over the belt and clutch assembly.  The clutch felt like it may be sticking a little but after taking the belt off, I am now second guessing myself.  I should have put it up on the stand and ran it with the belt attached to see if the clutch was opening up all the way.  I measured the belt and it was only one millimeter off.  Based on what I found online, that shouldn’t be the cause of the issue and it shouldn’t have much of an effect at all.  Also I do not have the correct tools to take the clutch off.  At that point I just got frustrated and put it aside to work on other projects.

The Plan:
I am not entirely sure what the plan is from here.  I don’t feel like wasting more money on it if I am not sure that it is going to fix the issue.  However, at the same time I am tired of paying monthly for something that is not working.  I guess the first thing I should do is put the belt back on and test it on the stand to see if the clutch is opening all the way.  I may just drop some money into the clutch and see if I can borrow some tools from a friend.  If that doesn’t fix it… I don’t know.  I guess I will be back to researching the issue to see what else could be the cause.


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