12ft Skiff Build – Part #4

img_20170216_160401I changed the title of this project to be Parts instead of Days.  Ideally this project can be done in a weekend.  I had planned on stretching it out over 7 days of actually working on it.  Meaning even if it took me a month to get it all done it would only take 7 days worth of spending time on it.  That kind of fell through.  A lack of motivation, holidays, and being busy working on other projects made this one get a bit lost in the mix.  I have done more work on it although I did not document it much with photos and I did this over a coarse of a few days.  Here is what has been done since the last post…

  1. I ditched the instructions because my measurements didn’t turn out exact and using my current frame as a layout would work much better at this point.  I laid the frame on top of another piece of plywood and traced out the bottom.  Since It is longer than the plywood I had to do this in two sections.
  2. I then cut out the bottom pieces and attached them to the ribs with some screws.
  3. I then measured the back end for the transom, cut two pieces, glued them together, then added some frame pieces and attached them to the back of the boat.
  4. I flipped it upside down, added three runners to the bottom then fiberglass to all of the seams.
  5. I added a layer of fiberglass resign (not fiberglass AND resign but just the resign) to the entire bottom of the boat.  I made sure some spots were extra thick and filled in any gaps.
  6. I flipped it back over and started filling in all the gaps of the seams on the inside with just resign.

I made the transom thicker in case I wanted to add a small engine or trolling motor to the boat.  This would give it more support.  The next steps will be to sand the seams on the inside so I can fiberglass them also.  Then I will do the same resign coating to the inside as I did the outside.img_20170216_160422img_20170216_160416


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