12ft Skiff Build – Day #3

img_20161208_2049001As you can tell from the photos, my workshop isn’t as big as I would want it to be.  In order to work more on the boat I had to put it up across two tables just so I could start shaping it.  I was able to get past this point with a little help from my dad though.

Today I started with cutting the piece that will keep the bow together.  I previously cut the 50 degree angle but I still needed to have it match the angle on the bottom so I can screw the bottom board to it when it comes time.  So I added a little extra space on the bottom that I will cut off once I start attaching the bottom pieces.  I made sure everything lined up, added some glue,  and screwed them into place.  In order to not split the wood I am making pilot holes first.

img_20161208_2342171Next I screwed the front rib in place.  Unfortunately I cannot find in the directions where these are supposed to go exactly but I figured putting it on the fiberglass seam would be the bets option to help the boat stay together.  After that I decided where I would want the back rib, attached it with a couple screws, did some measurements and added the middle rib.  At this point we needed to move the boat out of the workshop because it was just taking up too much room.


– Ribs and bow pieces have all been attached.

– Cut out bottom piece
– Cut out transom
– Attach transom
– Plane down bottom of sides and front
– Attach bottom pieces


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