12ft Skiff Build – Day #2

So it turns out that my fiberglass skills need a little work.  Obviously this is a learning process but I was so confident with what I did last night I was pretty bummed to find out it didn’t work all that well.  However, I did learn a few things.  For instance I should have done this on a flat surface and rather than screwing the pieces together I should have just used some weights to hold the pieces down and together.  So I made those corrections tonight.  Hopefully the other side will hold up better once this side is done.  Again I forgot to take pictures but it honestly looks the same as it did previously.

Tonight was a quick night for the boat build.  Since I did most of the cutting and prep work yesterday, tonight I just flipped the sides and did another fiberglass seam on the other side of each side wall.  All this does is holds the two side pieces of each sidewall together.  Since I could not cut each side 12 foot long (using 8 foot plywood), I needed to join the two halves together using the fiberglass and resin.

I did this a slightly different way I did the first side.  I placed a scrap board then put the plywood side on top. I then applied the resin, fiberglass, then more resin.  I added another scrap board covered in plastic (to prevent gluing the scrap to the plywood side).  I put the next plywood side on top and repeated the process.  Once the final plastic covered scrap board was placed on top.  Last night I screwed all these boards together to hold them tight.  But that seemed to lift up the fiberglass in some spots causing it to not stick to the wood.  This time I just put some blocks on top of it to hold it down night and tight.

The way I plan to do the next couple steps requires those side walls to be completed.  So this will be all I am doing for tonight.  I need them to fully dry before I can continue.

– Finished attaching the two parts of each side wall together using fiberglass (as long as the other side hold up good enough).

The Plan:
Tomorrow I am going to start the assembly of the structure.  I hope to at least have the side walls screwed into the ribs and bow brace.  After that I will need to trace out the bottom, cut out transom, assemble those parts, make some seats, and finally seal the boat.  I may also be making some oars from a 2×6 but I want to fully assemble the boat before doing that in order to make sure I make them the proper length.


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