Boat Build – Part 2

I have come to the conclusion that the first boat I build is going to be a small skiff.  I don’t want to go overboard with something complex or I may get discouraged and never finish it.  Also I have so many other projects at this moment that I do not want to take on something so large.  Not to mention, a skiff will be a good companion of the Sea Sprite that we are currently working on rebuilding.  That way if anything happens we could always use the skiff to get back to land.  However, I hope that is never the case.

Given my current monthly budget, I will need to make this a super cheap project.  Since the cost of fiberglass is a little higher than what I would like it to be, I am thinking of just using the fiberglass on the joints.  Then keeping the rest of the boat wood and maybe using some marine paint to seal it.  I don’t necessarily need this thing to last forever so I don’t think I need to worry about fiberglassing the entire bottom much less the entire boat.  I am going to research it more before I make that final decision.

So the build I decided I will be making can be found at  It is a 12 Foot skiff made mostly of two sheets of plywood.  The frame, seats, runners and any other extras shouldn’t be much as I can make them with cheap wood like 2×4’s or something like that.  Currently I am in the process of studying the boat plans and making a daily plan for this build.  I am attempting to limit it to a 7 day build.  That is technically a LOT considering the guys on the build site says it only takes about 4 hours.  The reason I am doing 7 days is to spread it out a little as my time is very limited these days.  If all goes well day 7 will be launch day!

The reason I chose this build is because it isn’t a HUGE boat to start off with making AND it could possibly be converted into a small sailboat.  There are photos on that same website of another person converting it into one.  That will make things a lot more complicated because I am not sure how to go about making a mast and boom much less a sail.  I think the rest I can figure out a lot easier.  However, I am not going to give up on it just yet as I LOVE the idea of taking a boat out without the extra cost of buying a motor, gas cost, troubleshooting engine issues, etc.


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