Bamboo Bed Frame Fail

bamboo_fail-1One day I got this horrible idea that I was going to use the bamboo from my yard to make a bed frame.  I did some research and it seemed pretty simple.  However, I decided to go away from some of the instructions I found online and kind of put it together my own way…

First let me say that not every project you do is going to be a win.  Never will they be simple (at least not the first time around).  And sometimes you just have to accept that the idea was a bad idea.  BUT I have yet to give up on it.  I am not trying to make it fancy.  To be honest I was just using bamboo because it was available.  I just wanted to get my mattress off the floor really.

bamboo_fail-4So the way I attempted to join the corners doesn’t seem to be working.  After a few hours of messing with it, I just propped it against my wall and decided to come back to it later.  That was about a week ago and I am no closer to coming up with a better idea.  The ways I looked up online seemed to use different sizes of bamboo than what I have available.  This always seems to be my biggest hurdle with building things.  I never have the money to buy the right supplies so I attempt to make things with what I have.  Sometimes this makes it fun and an interesting result but sometimes it just makes it super difficult and frustrating.

My advice to anyone doing projects like is do is to never get discouraged.  Keep going no matter how bad the idea starts to look.  If it turns out then you’ll feel so much more accomplished and if not, you’ll likely learn a better way of doing it.  Then you can start fresh with the same idea and new design!


bamboo_fail-2 bamboo_fail-3


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