150cc Bash Scooter Upkeep – Part 2

dsci0004So here we are back at the scooter again.  I initially financed this for my brother because he likes scooters and we figured at 150cc he should be good to keep up in traffic.  It turns out this was a terrible idea.  Not only do they lose speed significantly over a short time, you never get it back.  You can do tune ups and everything possible but these things never run right.  A mechanic friend of mine told me from what he heard they are 1 week ride time 2 weeks repair time.  I may be feeling a little bitter about it at the moment but overall it is still fun to scoot around.  When it is working that is.

dsci0003So we took it apart again and this time I had my brother with me so I can show him how to do it.  All seemed to go good except now it only runs for a couple minutes before it stalls. It was getting late that day and I had enough so I just put it aside.  I haven’t been back to it since because I have been so busy and unmotivated to work on it.  Then we had hurricane Matthew come through and that kept me pretty busy.


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