Refurbish Boat Project – Part 4

boat_update_4-1After a couple days of testing and playing with the engine we were able to get it started without having to dump gas into the spark plug sections.  The engine is still a little temperamental but she seems to eventually start and run good once started.  We were not so sure about the original temp sensor as hardly any of the original wiring is looking any good so we added one to keep an eye on the engine heat.  So far everything seems to check out and the engine hasn’t gotten hot at all.  Hopefully this will be the end of the engine troubles.

However, we decided not to put all of our trust into this old engine.  Since we will be using a gas water pump for another project on the boat, we decided to attempt to use this as a backup engine.  Yes, I was skeptical about it at first also BUT after looking at some YouTube videos and researching it, I am fully on board with the idea.  The plan is to use some flex PVC to make input and output lines allowing us to use it the same way Jetski’s work. As silly as the idea sounds, it seems very doable!

boat_update_4-4I spent one evening cleaning out more of the dirt and leaves from the boat.  This thing had been sitting so long it seems animals would crawl up in it to die.  I was using a shop vac to vacuum it out and I think I sucked up at least one or two full skeletons. At least it wasn’t all rotting flesh!  I was able to clean it up enough that the front section no longer gets clogged.

boat_update_4-3I also started taking off some unwanted parts.  The front section has a glass door between the two side glass windshields.  I know this is useful if you are putting up a canopy or even just to block the splashing water from hitting the passengers but since it didn’t work correctly, We decided to just remove it.  I had to take the whole window apart then use a grinder to cut off the unwanted parts of the hinge.  After that we sanded it down to keep the edge from being sharp. It actually turned out really good.

boat_update_4-2I fixed up a couple other parts.  A couple were just cosmetic or prepping for the cosmetic work.  I even fixed the Fishing rod holders, seeing as they are probably the most important part of the boat! I guess I shouldn’t call it cosmetic because I honestly don’t really care how ugly it looks.  As long as it functions properly. Next up will be some seats and possibly fixing up a couple of the storage sections.  I need to at least convert one into a cooler/fish storage for when we use it to go fishing.  Not a live well but just something to store what we catch.


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