The New Workshop

*Disclaimer: Please excuse the terrible pictures, my cell phone is the WORST!*

20161009_185221The new house I moved into has a bunch of extra room. I still have a screened in patio like before but this time I also have a workshop. It is half car port, half garage. The garage part was even divided into two sections at one point. So on one side I have some room for storage but more importantly, I have the other side for a complete workshop.

20161009_185229I have been in this house a little over a month now and I have been attempting to organize all of my stuff. It’s been a bit complicated with working full time and helping out some friends and family. However, I was able to finally get the workshop somewhat organized. I was at least able to get my tables set back up and most of my tools are now in there. I even set up a laptop with some extra speakers so I can watch videos, listen to music, etc while working on projects.

20161009_185245The space isn’t huge but I am making it so my tools can be easily moved outside the shop to work on bigger pieces if needed.  I am not sure this will be needed very often but the ability is there.  The car port side has the boat in it.  This is mostly because we are working on the boat and it doesn’t currently have a cover.  Once those are taken care of we may enclose the car port and make it an even bigger workshop!  For now this will do.  I still have a lot more organization to go but this was major progress and I cannot wait to start making some awesome stuff again!

And yes that is a spare, not working, fridge we are using for the shelves lol


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