Refurbish Boat Project – Part 3

20161001_150435The new house has a couple car ports so working on the boat in the rainy Florida weather is much easier. Now if we could only make everything else easier.  It seems every time we go to work on this thing there is some issue that holds us back until we can do some major problem solving.

20161001_150702We got a replacement steering cable but it turned out to be the wrong one.  With some time and thinking about the whole thing we decided to piece the old and new ones together in order to make one good working one.  This turned out to be a bit more complicated than we expected it to be.  After taking some time cutting both apart, it looks like we may have a good solution. We’ll come back to that on another update.

In the meantime we drilled out the broken bolts on the engine and bought some replacements.  After the bolts were in for the back cover we were able to put the bottom part of the engine back on and bolt that in place.  Unfortunately in all the moving I have done in the past few months, we lost a part for the connection the the transmission.  My buddy was able to find some putty stuff that, once mixed together, acts as a cement (forgot to take a picture of it).  We were able to form it into the shape of the part that was missing.

20161001_150519Since there is some crazy electrical issue going on with starting the engine, we decided to just put a key switch on the engine housing in order to start it. It sounds a little ghetto but to be honest it really doesn’t look that way.  Plus it helps to eliminate a lot of BS when trying to troubleshoot starting issues.

There is still a lot to go in order to get the boat out on the lake.  We still need to make sure the throttle works and if not that will be another big project.  We also need to make some seats, mount the steering cable, finish mounting the engine back on, mount the gas tank, and get a few various parts.  We also verified the throttle was working properly (previously we were unsure if the gears work working correctly).

We were able to get the engine started and kept it running for a few minutes.  The only thing is it didn’t seem to be spitting out water.  This really stinks because it means we have to take the entire bottom section back apart and figure out why it is not pulling water up.  A temp sensor is also going to be added to the engine once we figure out the proper operating temperature so we can make sure it isn’t overheating once the water flow is fixed.

For even further out, the floor really needs replaced.  We were going to put that off a while but after sitting out in the elements for even longer than before, it seems to have gotten worse.



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