Custom Sketch Book

bookcoverWhen Father’s day came around I was struggling to figure out what to give my dad.  He is an artist that has always attempted to push my (and my brother’s) artistic abilities by doing things like answering “What do you want for Father’s Day?” with “Make me something”.  Don’t get him wrong, this total book nerd loves Amazon gift cards or even just buying him one or two of the millions of books on his Amazon wishlist.  But this time I didn’t want to take that easy way out.

bookcover2After learning to use the laser at Familab, I came across a few people who have created book covers using a specific way of cutting thin boards to allow it to bend and flex like a book binding.  After a few tests and getting a template from another member at the lab, this is what I came up with.  I used a piece of 1/8th in birch plywood to cut in the laser.  After that I bought a sketch book and realized I should have bought a book first, measure it, THEN cut the wood.  So back to the laser and attempt #2.

It didn’t turn out bad at all.  I rather like it.  Finding a way to make the sketch book fit in the cover was challenging.  Also I printed it a little longer than it should have been.  I probably could also leave a little more room on the width just to make the sleeves for the book fit a little tighter.  Overall I am very happy with how it turned out!


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