Wood Working Project List – Update 1

Now that things have calmed down a little I decided to start my projects back up.  With access to Familab I won’t be doing only wood working projects but I decided to start with my updated wood working list first.

In Progress:
* Bar – Almost done.  Need to finish the fridge section and test it out. Although I will not be doing this for a while.
* Garage Shelves I crossed this out because I moved and no longer need to build shelves.
* Dining Room Table – Finished (for the most part).  It can use a little more poly but the table has been relocated to a different state. 
* Patio Furniture Done for now.  I have made a couple quick things but I don’t want to continue to focus on these.
* Craft Show Ideas (Photo frames, wine glass holders, etc)I don’t think I will be doing any craft shows so I am crossing this out for now.  Maybe in the future this will change.

More Ideas:
* Sailboat or Kayak
* Toy Chest
* Jewelry Box
* Puzzle Box
* Lathe from a spare drill
* Workshop Build
* Bed Frame

Here is a quick update about all of my wood working projects and project ideas.  I am attempting to limit my current projects so I can focus more on them and my studying for certifications I will be getting (unrelated). However I will continue to post about them all. Even the ones not in progress, I will still update my ideas and plans.

I am also in need of getting a new workshop set up.  I have more than enough space to do it but finding the time and making myself get organized has been a challenge.


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