Should I start YouTube-ing it up?

YouTube-logo-full_colorLet’s be honest, this site really doesn’t get views. Little to none to be exact.  BUT I still enjoy doing it and my hope is the few people that do come across it, enjoys some part of it.  However, if I am going to keep this going it’s a little pointless to not try for more views.  I was thinking of starting to do a video series or two of some of my projects and posting them to YouTube.

After the next few weeks or even a month I may have either more or less time on my hands.  This will greatly determine whether or not a YouTube channel is even possible. Even so, doing video while working on these projects can really add a lot to my plate.  But in the end, it may be worth it.  I’ll keep this one as a maybe for now.  Leave a comment to let me know what you think.


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