Magic The Gathering Deck Box and Stuffs

IMG_3703When I was younger my friends and I used to play Magic The Gathering all the time.  We would stay late after school in the lunch room until the janitor kicked us out.  I was never really any good at it but still really enjoyed playing.  I stopped playing after a while but still have a couple friends that play.

IMG_3699Both of these friends are great guys.  One I grew up with and recently helped myself and my wife out with a financial issue that forced us to give GoFundMe a try.  The other has also helped me out a TON and even is allowing me to stay at his place while I attempt to find a new home for my family and myself.  So I found these deck holders on and thought it would be a good way to say thank you.

IMG_3684These are all remakes of ones I found on  I took what they had made and am revamping them to fit my need a little more. But these specific ones are not my design.  I  printed them at 100% infill because there were some pretty thin sections and I wanted to make sure those were solid and would hold up well. Since I printed a few parts at once the prints took quite a while to complete.  This is one of the great things about Familab, I can start a print and if I do not have time to stick around I can leave it to finish overnight.  If anyone needs the printer when it is done they will just remove my part and set it aside for me.  It’s a really great community with friendly and helpful people!  Before I started this print I had purchased some new Hatchbox filament from and I am so glad I did.  This stuff is amazing!  I was having problems with other filaments, some old some new, different brands, colors, etc.  But this stuff worked the first time without a problem.

IMG_3702The only thing is that I am not 100% happy with how they turned out after sanding and painting.  For a gift I would say they are totally doable and have the hand made look.  However, I want to sell these on my Etsy site so I am going to have to fix that.  I looked up how to smooth out the plastic and it seems PLA is terrible for that.  Although the prints worked great and look the best I have done so far, I need them smooth.  I found that using ABS and an acetone vapor bath is the way to make prints a LOT more smooth looking and even helps the strength as it tends to blend the layers together.  These ones are going out to my friends as is but fairly soon I will be redoing these with the actual plastic colors using ABS and a acetone vapor bath.  Once those are done I will update you all and have them available on my Etsy site.

IMG_3695As you can see I made a couple deck boxes.  The white one with the Magic logo on it fits a deck with the card protectors where the blue one with the Islands logo only fits the deck without the protectors.  I am going to change this also.  I want all the deck boxes able to hold the cards with the protectors.  If you’re going to protect the deck you may as well go a little extra and use the card protectors.  Then you’ll need them to fit in the box.

I also included some 1/1 tokens with a generic silver color just for fun.  Remember these are not my designs.  I am going to design my own to make it more legitimate to sell along with making the minor changes I want in order to make them fit the needs a little better.  Feel free to head over to Thingiverse and print your own if you have access to a printer.  PLA with sanding and painting isn’t horrible.  But I would highly recommend ABS with a vapor bath.  Hopefully I will have those ones displayed and ready to sell soon!


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