The Doctors – Prototype

20160719_224617Being a huge Whovian I decided I had to do something Doctor Who related on the 3D printer sometime soon.  So I quickly threw this together.  It isn’t fantastic and honestly I call it a prototype because I realized how many flaws I had in it.  Usually I am more about making things that are functional or serve some type of purpose so I am quite indifferent about this one.  It makes a good desk ornament or knick knack.  I don’t think I am going to do much with this one but the next one I make (after fixing the flaws) I am going to do with ABS filament and an acetone vapor bath.  Then if it still looks too plain I may just paint it.  It would look good on my desk at work even though I don’t think many of my coworkers really know what Doctor Who is all about or at least no where near obsessed with it as I am.

20160720_071044The Doctors were all made from silhouette images I found online.  I bounced between Photoshop, Illustrator, and
Tinkercad to get them the way I wanted.  This took a good amount of time especially for certain ones with more detail to them.  After I put them on the base and added the logo and text, I felt like it was a little too plain.  So I added the TARDIS and K9 to the sides.  I was fairly happy with it at that point.  But I was so tired by the time I got done with it I didn’t make sure all of the Doctors were the same thickness.  A couple are super flimsy and barely connected to the base.

20160720_071059The piece required supports and this was the first time I had to use them.  Overall I think they worked ok.  I may have missed one or two spots.  I didn’t clean up the supports completely yet so you can see those in the image.  I don’t really plan to since it needs to be remade anyway.


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