Website Move?

wwwI have been thinking about moving this Blog to it’s own domain.  I am not a huge fan of sub domains and I also like to control my own products.  I already host my photography website at so I should be able to do the same with this site.  Since I host my own server I can control the hardware, space limitations, easier access to custom plugins and themes, custom backup plans, etc.  In fact I have recently found that you are limited to the plugins that you can add when hosting your blog on  If I host it on my own server I won’t have that issue and I can add any plugin I want.  This would be required if I wanted to integrate my Etsy page into this website.

So my question is… Is a move really worth the effort?

This will require me to add a fairly large project to my ever-growing list of projects.  Granted, I will learn more, it will likely be a fun adventure, and in the end I will have all of the above perks.  But I think I need to determine IF I am going to do this, how high up on the priority list do I make it?

Any suggestions?


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