3D Printed Dice and Dice Holder

Dice and Holder paintedMy brother is really into Dungeons and Dragons so with his birthday coming up, I wanted to use my access to some awesome machines (like the 3d printers) to make him a custom birthday present or two.  I went to Thingiverse.com and did some searching around for 3d printed dice.  I found a couple and even did a test print of a large 20 sided die (no photo because I already gave it to him and forgot to take a picture of it).  The large one didn’t turn out as awesome as I thought it would.  I think this was due to the printer and filament that I was using.  But he loved it either way.

DiceAndHolder3DAfter finding the dice I also decided to attempt making a dice holder.  I didn’t find any on the site that I really liked so I tried making my own that would include a twist on top.  The threads didn’t turn out right due to my lack in experience doing 3D designs.  However, I simply sanded it down to make the lid fit flush and it is surprisingly snug.  As you can tell from the photos, it doesn’t go down the whole way but it still works really well.

As for the skull, I took a skull from thingiverse.com and incorporated it into my design my turning it into a hole.  This worked out perfect for the side and top.

Overall I am pretty darn happy with the design.  I am going to go back to TinkerCad and make some adjustments (like removing the threads and making the lid fit flush) then try printing it again to see how well it turns out. I also may do this using ABS so I can do an acetone vapor conditioning to make it smooth.


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