Etsy Shop

Etsy_logoWith my new found love for FamiLab and a NEED for the membership, I decided to try making an Etsy shop again in order to fund my projects.  Mostly I just want to be able to cover my membership cost for the lab.  Although, I won’t lie, additional monies would be quite the help.  In any case, I am starting the build of the Etsy shop and getting together some builds I have made.  So far I have just made a few drafts of some items I have already made and some I am about to make.

I made a shop previously that only consisted of some Dr Who projects I did with hand made wood burning.  So the name was strictly Dr Who related. I now need to change that and I cannot seem to think of anything catchy or creative.  I think for now I will just go with “Mootek Custom Creations”.  What makes naming is so hard is I do not plan to do any sort of focus other than maybe keeping all items geeky/nerdy.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know.

All things I will be selling on the Etsy Shop will also be posted here so I can show how I make them.  I don’t care to keep it a secret so only I can make and sell them.  I am all for people making their own if they would like.  Again, not looking to get rich from my Etsy Shop.

Etsy’s fees really aren’t terrible.  In fact without advertising your shop they are very respectable and can allow you to make a really good profit.  My wife runs a shop at LoveEntwined and she does a fantastic job with wedding and other event related items.  Depending on the type of advertising you do, it can be a bit expensive but it does indeed work.  Before doing the advertising I would highly recommend having a lot of items or at least some items that give you a large profit margin to offset the advertising.  It might even be worth only advertising when new “hot” items are published.

The biggest hurdle I am facing lately is a time factor.  I usually have time after work and on the weekends to work on projects and I can add the Etsy page to that time.  However, I have so much to do on a daily basis that I cannot seem to fit everything in and this is going to make it even harder.  I try using tools like Google Calendar and Google Keep to organize my time and projects but I’s still getting pretty tricky.  Hopefully within the next few weeks I will be able to have enough items ready to open the shop.


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