The Jeep

jeepLet me begin by saying that I am not a “car guy”.  I never really worked on cars when I was younger.  No Auto class in school, my father was never into cars, my uncle tried to help but I didn’t follow it so well, etc.  So with that said, and being short on funds, I am getting a crash course in fixing vehicles.  Particularly a 98 Grand Cherokee Laredo.

In the past I have taken this Jeep to the mechanic for a number of things.  From radiator replacements (yes multiple) to transmission leaks and even issues starting.  There seems to be no end to the issues with this Jeep.  But it has done me good in the past and I don’t have the money or credit to get something new.  Besides I like learning new things and being able to fix my own things.

Right now the Jeep has a number of problems.  Most are minor…ish… I guess.  But the main one I am dealing with right now is that it continues to stall during normal usage.  When this first started I attempted the following…

  1. Replaced Plugs, wires, and cap
  2. Replaced the Ignition Coil (Check engine light was throwing that as a code)
    1. After doing so the code still randomly came up along with the MAP sensor
  3. Replaced the MAP sensor
  4. Replaced the Throttle Position Sensor (also a code given by the computer)

At this point my friend helping me and I came to the conclusion that the issue wasn’t the sensors as much as it may just be the computer.  After some research we found this to be a common issue with Jeeps.  Now the struggle to fix/replace the ECU has started.

We tried fixing some solder points as we found that to be a common fix through various YouTube videos.  This seemed to help at first but the issue returned not long after the initial solder job.  Upon inspection we found some solder points broke and were redone with better solder and flux.  However, it’s still happening.  When stalled if you shake the board a bit that usually allows you to get started again.  So we are confident the board is still the issue.  The next step is to either solder additional points on the back of the board and under the gel OR send it out for a refurbish job done by professionals.  One is obviously more expensive than the other so I think we will try the solder points first.

As I continue to work on this pain-in-the-butt I will continue to post updates.  Maybe someone will be able to get something from all of our work.  Or if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, feel free to comment below.


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