150cc Bash Scooter Upkeep

20160710_115419I wanted to help my brother out so, without going too far into financials, I had an opportunity to finance a scooter.  He really likes them and was having issues with his car so I set it all up for him to replace his car with this 150cc scooter.  I am kind of regretting it.  I have no bad feelings against him, it’s just that I am finding out the hard way that they aren’t great for every day use.  Even if that use is short trips like to work and back.  Which I thought for sure was going to be fine.  It turns out, they require a LOT of maintenance to keep them running decent.

Currently it is struggling to make it to 45mph and only occasionally can you make it to 50mph.  I thought for sure it was just because he rode it hard and went on longer trips.  Even though this was part of the issue, it turns out even normal usage needs you to really baby the vehicle.  The image posted is after I stripped most of the plastics off the scooter to get to the valve cover.  This was WAY more complicated than it should have been.  In fact once I got to the point of pulling the valve cover off I still couldn’t get the entire cover off.  I was able to rotate it around to do the valve adjustments but in order to take it off completely you would have to take the entire engine off the frame.  Which is insane for such a minor adjustment, that didn’t help my speed issue at all.

I still have other plans for additional tune up type processes but this alone took me 4 hours to do.  I was pretty grumpy when it didn’t help so avoided any additional work on it after that.  Before I decided to make this a project, I was taking it into the shop and paying for them to do pretty much nothing.  However, after getting sick of paying them, I did some research online and found a TON of stuff that needs to be done on these to keep them running good.  So it looks like I have something new to learn.  For now I will do one step at a time and see if I can get this thing back up to 55 or 60.  Then the next step will be to keep it that way.


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