What Makes a Project a “Project”?

I haven’t been updating my blog much because I have been extremely busy with things that I didn’t really view as projects.  However I started to think about it today and to be perfectly honest these things I am dealing with are definitely projects.  Moving, getting the vehicle to run again, etc.  I am not sure why I haven’t updated the blog with these.  Other than maybe the feeling of them being less entertaining.

So today I thought “why not?” and just decided to log all the projects that I do.  Since I am all about sharing content my hope is that something I do will help someone somehow.  A lot of my projects (and even daily tasks for that matter) are achieved by gaining additional knowledge through awesome resources like online forums and blog posts.  A lot also comes from YouTube videos.  Which may be my next step.   Let’s save that for another post.

In short, I am going to attempt to update more posts even with the projects that I don’t normally consider actual projects.


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