Refurbish Boat Project – Part 2

I know it has been a long time since I updated this project but to be honest there hasn’t been a ton done to it.  Funds and time have just been too low to do anything with the boat.  However, we did get some stuff done.

20160516_161202The rotten interior has been completely torn out.  I planned to keep the vinyl for the seats and just redo the base and padding.  However, after a while of it sitting in my yard, and thinking too much about how annoying it will be to completely clean and fit the vinyl, I decided against it.  The plan for the seats will be to just make wooden ones, treat the wood and then use removable cushions.  That way I can just take the cushions indoors when the boat is not being used.  It will also make cleaning them a bit easier.

20160516_161218After much troubleshooting of the engine a friend and I have been able to get it to start.  However, there is still a wiring problem that is keeping the engine from starting from the switch it’s self.  If we jump a solenoid straight from the engine, it will fire up.

What is taking so long you ask?  1) we work too damn much! and 2) every time we took off another part to fix or replace it we ran into another broken part.  The engine was not spitting out water so we were going to replace the impeller but upon doing that we came across a bunch of seized bolts, lost the key that holds the impeller and a gasket crumbled.  Most of this stuff is a “no big deal” kind of situation and can be fixed fairly easily but again… we work too damn much.

With all o20160516_161213f the engine work going on we also started to work on the steering cable, which was completely seized.  My
friend spent a good amount of time trying to free it up but didn’t have much success.  After checking around on Ebay he was able to find a decently priced cable.  However, it doesn’t fit the steering wheel config just yet.  We now have to take apart the old one and see if we can combine the two in order to get one good working cable.

At this point is isn’t really about “refurbishing” the boat but instead making it usable for getting out on some lakes and doing some fishing.


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