A million hobbies but not time to do them!

kiKBy9rRTI am sorry I have not posted in a long time.  This really has nothing to do with my recent injury on the table saw.  It was really not that big of a deal and I was very lucky to not have done a lot worse.  Again though, not the reason for my lack in posts.

Lately my schedule has been very chaotic and not organized in any fashion.  Between attempting to find a new place to move, putting things in storage, working my normal job, attempting to get my photography business off the ground, etc. I just have not had time to work on my projects.  Although I have been working on getting myself into a Makerspace, attempting to take some relaxing time doing some fishing, and even started to learn sailing. …Come to think of it these may be things I can classify as projects and make some posts based on those….

In any case I just have not had the time to post and share my millions of projects.  However, I want to continue this blog so I will eventually get back to this.  If I am granted membership to the Makerspace I am attempting to get into, this will give me access to more tools, space, knowledge, etc that I can utilize to make some amazing things.

I do not think I have many readers but for those of you who do follow my posts, I greatly appreciate the support and I hope you continue to check back once I get things back in order and start posting again on a regular basis.


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