The New Shop Setup

messy_workshopOver the holidays I was given a TON of new tools.  I got a brand new table saw, table router, drill, and some other random tools from my mother-in-law.  I was also given a TON of random tools from my parents including, drills, hand wood working tools, various mechanic tools, saws, etc.  My parents were moving and didn’t want to take everything with them.  So pretty much every tool my dad could find came to my house. So I at this point I am pretty set for building most everything.  The only thing I needed was an area to turn into a workshop and counter space.  My garage is way too packed with storage so I decided to turn the patio area where the bar is into more of a workshop.

It was just my luck that the office building I work at was getting rid of some counter tops and filing messy_workshop1cabinets.  The timing was perfect!  I took pretty much everything they had and used it to build my workshop.  I had some left over counter tops that I used to make a table for my wife in her craft room.  I even have more left over that I am planning to use to make her another table.  They were also throwing out some spare wood that I took in order to make more of my projects.  I encourage anyone that wants to make things like this to just take a look around at their local businesses and maybe even go in and ask the managers if they have anything like this.  Often places just throw this stuff out or collect it for a while until someone is able to scrap it for them.  Most of the wood and materials I get are free.  They just require some heavy lifting and a utility trailer I borrow from a friend to pick up.  In fact, my biggest hurdle in making these things is just finding the time to do so.

After I put the counter tops in place and put all of my tools away in the filing cabinets, I decided to mount some of the tools to the counter.  However, I still do not have a ton of room so I wanted to make it more dynamic.  I wanted to be able to move the tools when I needed the counter space but at the same time I needed them to be mounted so they do not move around while I am using them.  In order to do this I just drilled some holes and bought some bolts with wing nuts.  The wing nuts make it easy to take the bolts on and off whenever I need without too much hassle.  This is ideal when working on a project that uses various tools.

p.s. Please excuse the messy work area, I didn’t get a chance to clean it before taking the photos.


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