Craft Shows and Etsy Ideas

My wife started up her Etsy shop again ( and plans to start doing some craft shows to sell the amazing things she makes.  I thought maybe I could add some hand crafted wood objects to her table so I have been brainstorming what to make.  So far I made a couple photo frames using my new table router, chop saw and table saw.  But they turned out to be just tests as I didn’t measure a few things correctly and they don’t fit normal photos.  It’s a learning process right?  I realize my mistakes and in the process I found how to make things work better, faster and additional design ideas.  Now I just need to get moving so I can put a few on the table she will be setting up.

My wife also came up with a couple ideas of things for me to make and I will get moving on those shortly.  Once they are all done I will add links here to her Etsy shop in case anyone is interested in buying some.

These are not the best photos but it gives you an idea of what the frames look like.

20160105_184333[1] 20160109_220322[1]


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