So many projects, so little time!

I am running into a time issue again.  I know I need to just slow down sometimes and take things as they are but there is so much I want to build lately.  Every day I think of more and more projects and I always come back to “oh shoot I have to finish the projects I am on… Well when will I get to do this new one??”.  I was thinking of starting deadlines for the ones I am currently working on and just keeping my list of potential projects growing.  But honestly I think that will just stress me out more and not allow me to enjoy doing them.  I know this because I already have some deadlines for a couple and it’s starting to look like I will not make it.  A table and a bench need to be done before Christmas and the Aquaponics build needs to be done before the last frost (somewhere around February).  In the meantime I am not getting the Sea Sprite fixed up and I am REALLY wanting to build a sailboat.

I work a full time and have a family so it is hard for me to put any work into these projects during the week.  That only leaves a couple weekends before Christmas and I have a LOT to go on the bench and table.  I may just need to kick myself into gear and not only work on them some during the week but also put in a ton of time over the next weekend to get it knocked out.

Sorry this blog isn’t showing off anything I am in the process of building but I promise I will have some new content on my next post!  In the meantime if anyone has any ideas or comments to help with my time factor please share them!


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