TV Mount and Floating Shelf

A while back I bought my kids a couple TVs with wall mounts.  In our first house (we moved around a lot in the past couple years) I mounted them using the giant screws and drywall anchors that came with the mount.  However, after taking it down, the anchors were no longer usable.  The TVs also came with stands but then they needed something to sit on.  I always liked the wall mount idea so I kept the mounts in hopes that I could find some of those giant anchors.  Unfortunately I could never find them at Lowes or Home Depot.  This weekend I decided to try to hang my daughter’s TV using the mount and help clean up some clutter from her room.

TV_MountThe first problem I ran into was the place she wanted it (and best fit her room layout) did not have a wall stud.  Since the anchors were useless and I couldn’t find new ones, I decided to improvise.  I thought of putting up a piece of wood across from beam to beam but figured it would look dumb.  Then she says “Yeah!  Then we can paint it PINK!”.  Much to my surprise it actually turned out looking really neat.  I had to use two 2×6 boards because the mount was 8 inches tall but it still turned out nice.  I measured the distance, cut the wood, sanded it (with my excited helper) painted it pink and mounted them with drywall screws.  I drilled pilot holes and even counter sunk the screws so I could fill in the screw holes with paint.  The screws went right through to the beams without a problem.  I then mounted the TV mount to the newly mounted wood.

TV_Mount_And_ShelfThe next problem was where would she put her Wii and other devices that she connect so the TV?  I have been needing some shelves in my bedroom above my computer desk for all of my Dr Who stuff they all give me and was throwing around the idea of putting up floating shelves.  Since I already had her started on making her room look better I decided to side bar my shelves and test out the design on her room.  So I cut some more wood, painted it all pink and screwed it all together.  After that we mounted it to the wall and touched up some paint on the screw holes.  As you can see in the photos, it turned out quite nice.  I didn’t use the best wood for her shelf but she liked it as it was and it was faster so I didn’t complain.

This was a super easy project that only took a couple hours (mostly due to sanding and waiting for paint to dry) and most of all it was all done using FREE wood.  Every new project I do with the free wood I am able to acquire, the more amazed I become.  I have made some really cool and functional things with just a little elbow grease and some free supplies I find.  VERY little has been spent on all of my projects.  Stain and screws are the most of my store bought supplies.  The power tools are the hardest to get your hands on but usually everyone knows SOMEONE with some tools that they can either bother or bribe to help lol.  Come to think of it, my wife even found a way to make some stain from normal supplies around the house.  Hmmm…. I think that may end up being a blog for another time…


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