Garage Shelves from FREE Pallet Wood!

20151121_124838Over the weekend I decided to stop tripping over everything in my garage and side bar my other projects for a moment.  I had picked up a couple of the long pallets a little while ago and I planned to use them for a floating platform.  However, the garage needed help.  So I was able to just cut the slats to make two quick and long shelves.  After that I dismantled one of the other long ones and used the 2×4’s that were holding the slats on to make legs for the shelves.  Please excuse the clutter of my garage by the way.  I didn’t bother to make these pretty with any sanding and staining because I didn’t see the need.  I don’t spend much time in the garage, nor does anyone else.  I still wanted to show this off as a quick and easy project anyone can do with some free pallets, $3 worth of screws and a little time.

20151121_135733I also built another set of shelves in the corner to help organize and hold all of my beer brewing equipment.  This was done also with free pallets.  These were not as easy to make since I had a specific size and shape area to work with.  I had to take each pallet apart, measure, cut and screw them together as needed for that space.  This one didn’t take too long either and works great.  Most of all, just like the other, it was FREE! 🙂


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