Patio Bar – From Pallet Wood

Bar In ProgressI always thought it would be fun to have a bar out on a patio, in a back yard, basement hangout, etc.  In the past I have had a few friends and family members with these types of setups.  Even when not drinking alcohol they were a fun spot to hang out.  Since I started brewing my own beer at home, I thought this would be ideal.  When we moved to Florida the house we are renting had a nice screened in patio that is just begging for a bar stocked full of beer and good times!

So soon after moving here we decided we could make one our selves.  It all started with a neighbor seeing me struggle to take apart a pallet that just happened to come with the house.  I think he felt bad for me (never owned a power tool in my life other than a cordless drill) so he lent me a few tools.  He does construction so he even had some nice 2×4’s in his back yard that he needed to throw out.  I gladly accepted all the help he offered and got to working on my bar.  It has been a long process.  Mainly because I ran out of pallets (this was before I found my hook-up) then ran extremely low on time and motivation.  I wish I had all of the photos to share with you but unfortunately after breaking a few phones and not backing things up, I seem to have lost most of them.

Bar_Fridge_IP_2The bar has gone through some changes since I first decided to make it.  At first I just wanted to make it simple but it seemed to look more like a shelf than anything.  I then added a L shape to it and continued to add from there.  Currently it is mostly done except the one side.  This is because I have a crazy idea of converting that side to a refrigerated compartment that will be big enough to house 1 – 2 home brew kegs.  I do not have the kegs yet or the ability to dispense from a keg so until I do it will have to house my bottles.  However, I would like it to be ready to go once I get the kegs.



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