Wood Working Project List

Here is the ever-growing wood working project list.

In Progress:
* Bar
* Garage Shelves
* Kitchen table
* Patio Furniture

More Ideas:
* Sailboat
* Toy Chest

I also have some starter ones that I have completed.  They aren’t amazing and not as much detail has gone into them as they were meant to be used as a learning tool.  But I still really like them and they are very functional.  I will post some photos a little later. I will also go into additional detail on the ones above with photos of the in progress ones.  Each one will be a “Category” on this blog so if one is more interesting to you than the others, feel free to filter what you want 🙂

A lot of these projects are made with free pallet wood that I can acquire.  Mostly because I don’t have much money so I can’t really spend a lot on supplies.  Besides I feel it is a better experience and a bit more fun.  Sometimes it is kind of like a puzzle to figure out what wood to use for your next step and if you don’t have the wood you need then how can you change your plan or find what you need.  I was fortunate enough to find a place close to my home that often has pallets they are throwing away.  But for those without this kind of hook-up, try www.craigslist.org. A lot of times you have to get there quick though.  I found my spot by just driving around in “industrial” looking places.  Borrowing a utility trailer is another issue in it’s own.  I will go into that in a later post.

Do you have a wood working list?  If so what kind of things have you made?  I’d love to see some photos of custom wood projects!


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