Backpacking Trip

I took a backpacking trip this past weekend that was supposed to be a 4 day/3 night adventure.  It turned out to only last 1 night and 2 days due to me getting sick and having to turn back early.  I would not say it was a total failure because not only did I still have a lot of fun but I learned a few things that I can easily apply towards my travel project.

Getting sick Is probably one of the most annoying and uncomfortable things to me.  I hate the feeling of not being able to focus and function like I normally do.  Not only can it slow you down and possibly destroy an entire trip it can also be dangerous.  So one should prepare for it and be ready to act accordingly.  Have medicines handy (travel emergency kits are good examples) and try to allow for extra time during the trip.  If you have an extra day to stop, relax and get some much needed rest then that can greatly improve a bad situation.  Most of all do not worry!

Worrying is one of my greatest flaws and one that I intend to work on immensely.  When you worry too much about something it can have huge physical and psychological effects.  Now I may not have a degree in the area but I know (from personal experience) that positive thought can improve overall morale whereas negative thoughts have a negative effect not only on morale but also spark physical effects.  For instance if I am sick in the middle of the woods miles from civilization and I start to worry about if I were to get worse and need additional help then I start to physically feel worse.  Think of it like the “butterflies” one gets when being in love except with an opposite effect.  Someone told me when you start to worry just think about the absolute worst thing that can happen and think to yourself “would that really be THAT bad?”  Most likely you will find that it really isn’t that bad and no matter how uncomfortable you may get, you will survive and things will work out in the end.

Worrying before the trip can also lead to problems such as over preparing and over packing your supplies.  No matter what, you will not be prepared for everything that may come along.  Trying to be will just cause you to over burden yourself and make the journey uncomfortable.  Whether you are backpacking in the woods or walking around a city, having a heavy bag to carry can be a huge mistake.  Focus on important things like food and water but try not to go overboard.

The last thing it made me think of was terrain.  Granted when backpacking in the woods you come across more hills, mountain, and rough terrain than in a city but when traveling for cheap or fee you will rely more on your own physical wellness to get around.  Walking will always be the cheapest way to get around when doing local travel.  With that said, being in shape is going to be key.  Due to the nature of my job and current lifestyle I am nowhere near what I would want to be to sustain a long journey.  A remedy for this will be getting back to the gym on a regular basis and weekend hikes/travels.  With a little motivation I will be good to go soon enough!


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