“You’re Doing It Wrong”

I have had a few people (who’s opinion I fully respect) point out something very important to me and this project. I tend to get bored with my everyday life and start too many projects. These projects are really only meant to entertain me when bored and distract myself from my constant desire to travel. While they do and excellent job, they also tend to consume funds that could have been put towards traveling. So I have come to the conclusion that there are two things I really need to work on and figured I should share them here as they are a key to success in this project.

Money Management and Dedication – These seem to go hand in hand with traveling for cheap. Accounting for every single dollar will really make you realize how much you can be putting towards a once in a life time trip. Most of all you will need dedication in not only keeping track of it but controlling yourself to not spend money on things less important thank your trip. Think about it. Does going out to eat or seeing a movie at a theatre really trump seeing and getting to experience that destination that you have been longing for? Limiting your weekly spending money or putting away a set amount each week are great ideas. Eat out less and find activities that occupy time without using funds. This may be difficult and cause you to find yourself bored or discouraged when these amounts seem minimal but remember every penny counts. Most of all stick with it and one day you will reach that goal. Focus on the end result and it will improve morale.


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