Down Time

Lately I have been in a sort of down time.  My last trip was so long that it pretty much cleaned me out.  Not to mention my job has become a bit more demanding in the past few weeks.  This is by far no excuse for not writing lately and hopefully I can pick it back up.

There are still a few more trips I hope to accomplish before the year is up and I think that most of them are still pretty possible.  I am not entirely sure yet how I am going to go about getting them done but I am definitely exploring all of the options.  So far I am still sticking with places a little more “local” and not out of the country.  This is mostly due to a serious lack of funds.  Yes, I know, I promised that this project would be “cheap or free” but there are certainly limitations.  Especially when attempting to travel overseas.  So with a lack of free options I plan to still keep it to a “cheap” or at least “cheaper than the alternative” project.

In the mean time I am going to explore another option that, at the moment, seems like just another one of my crazy ideas that will never pan out.  However I am still working on it and exploring all of the options.  So if it turns into just another crazy idea that might just work I will clue you in a bit more.  So keep checking back and feel free to comment or message me with any of your own travel stories or tips!


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