Florida Vacation

What a great trip!  I had an awesome time visiting some friends and family.  The whole “cheap or free” thing may have gone out the window seeing as I spent way more then I should have.  Although if I really think back the money was all spend on having fun.  As I stated in a previous blog staying with friends and family is a great way to save while traveling.  Not to mention booking my flight way ahead of time, choosing to fly out on Tuesdays, and finding the airline that charges the least for additional luggage also saved a pretty good chunk of change.

Now I don’t want to make excuses so let’s take a look at what caused this trip to lose the “cheap or free” idea since that is the ultimate goal.  I was able to borrow a car from my Uncle so I saved on a rental fee however, I did do a TON of driving around and dishing out a lot of money for gas.  Also since I wanted to visit with so many people every day I was out there I spent a lot on places like restaurants, bars, etc.  Granted they paid for a lot also but I hate feeling like a freeloader so I tried to chip in as much as possible.  In conclusion I think the problem was self-control.  I have found that limiting me on how much I spend is my biggest hurdle in this project.  The key in this situation would be to find things that cost less and are closer to where I was staying.  Taking a cooler of food and drinks to the beach for the day would cost let then dinner and a movie or staying out late at a bar.

When I was booking the trip I decided that maybe it was a bad idea to plan 5 trips this year and to just do one major 2 week vacation.  Unfortunately I changed my mind but may have ruined it by spending so much.  I suppose that would be something to focus on when deciding how much to spend and attempting to limit myself.  I shouldn’t give up on my goal of 5 trips… If I did then everyday life would just be boring as hell again…

I can’t say it wasn’t worth it or even that I didn’t have a fantastic time.  There is nothing like being able to see some great friends and family members that I missed so much!


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