Florida = BOOKED!

So I booked my flight to Florida.  Due to lack of resources and the hopes that I can find a different way home, I didn’t book my flight home yet.  If I cannot figure anything out before my next pay period I will just book the flight home.  Hopefully the cost doesn’t go up much.  However I was given a great tip on plane travel by an old friend just the other day.  She suggested http://www.priceline.com because it has worked for her in the past to us the “pick your own price” feature.  I checked it out to see what kind of deals you can get and honestly it is not that bad.  I expected it to be a gimmick and just a way to get you to their site but it honestly doesn’t seem that bad.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t see everyone saving a TON of money on every flight but as I have pointed out before a little bit can go a long way.  Saving $20 on a flight can get you a Hostel for the night.  Granted I did not take advantage of this offer because I am buying my tickets one at a time rather than a round trip but it still seems to be a good deal from what I could tell checking flights and costs.  I do NOT recommend this at all because it usually comes out to a greater cost.  However it seems it’s the only way I could guarantee my flight there at least.  I figure worst case I can find another way home… I hope!

I will not be staying in a hostel this time unless it is absolutely needed.  I have quite a few friends and also some family members in Florida (the main reason for going) so I have had a few offers to stay at their places.  I was however thinking of taking a trip with some of them out to Miami for a night or two.  Whether or not that will happen I am not sure but I would like to be prepared.  I checked out a few hostels and although there are some fairly cheap ones most of them have gotten pretty bad reviews.  However I do know of a hotel (I have stayed there before) that is about $100 a night and right on the beach.  On person renting and sneaking a few others in may be our best bet.


2 thoughts on “Florida = BOOKED!

  1. Marissa swears by kayak.com. Apparently it aggregates a bunch of other search website’s information such as priceline and others. We’ve used it for our last few trips. Also, priceline does have some downtime. We booked a rental car via priceline for a trip that we had to cancel. Because the car was booked with priceline you *cannot* cancel and get a refund. No refunds = bad.

    • Yeah I read about the no cancellation policy previously. I probably should have mentioned that lol. I will definitely check out kayak.com thanks for the info!

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