One Busy Year

So there are five trips I want to take this year.  All will be fairly short and mostly to visit friends and family.  Now this is not something I would expect everyone to be able to do.  The nature of my job may allow this to work out but that is my current situation not everyone’s.  However, looking at each individual trip will still be good examples of how to travel cheap or free.

Two of the trips will be back to NY but this time I will be going a little further to Syracuse which will make it a bit more of a challenge.  The furthest one will be Florida and due to time constraints I may need to fly.  However I will still try to find the cheapest possible way.  Since a lot of these trips will be visiting family I will be utilizing those benefits.  Some may consider this cheating but it brings up a great point that sometimes people just want to travel to visit family.  I personally like to travel more to see new things and cultures but I am aware this may be different for others.  I am not saying to be a “freeloader” but if the offer is there and genuine then graciously accept it and be sure to return the favor when given the opportunity.  Besides if they really want you to come visit and see you then the least they can do is clear a spot on the floor for you to crash for a few nights.


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