The Reminder

After speaking about travel with a friend a little while ago for quite a few hours, I have realized that I may have slowly changed my view/goal of this project.  The type of travel I aspire to do is not only life changing but also not for everyone.  With my focus set mainly on that I have not only fallen into a lack of motivation (due to its restrictions) but I have also neglected to think of the people who just care to travel more locally.  Even the people who just care to travel in general seem to have been forgotten.  Because I want to travel overseas more than anywhere else and focused mainly on that, I had forgotten about the people that are worse off and would just like to see more of the US.  In the beginning of this project I stated that I was going to try to travel more and share with my readers how they can do this also.  I think it is time to stop neglecting them and get back on track.

I have also come to a conclusion that my goal for this huge trip I want to take is a little unrealistic.  It can still be done in a cheaper way than most would thing but due to other obligations I may have to postpone it.  However, while waiting out my huge trip I am going to focus more on national travel inside the US.  Some may be more local than others but I will prove my theory on how it can be done cheaper than expected.

I am also going to make time a major factor.  Usually the rule of thumb for traveling cheap or free is the longer you take the better off you are.  Long bus rides can be cheaper than plane’s and also provide your lodging if done overnight.  That alone can eliminate a couple hundred from a trip.  I will go into that in more detail at a later time.  This, however, is not always practical for the normal full time worker that has a feel for adventure and travel.  I would really like to see what I can come up with to accommodate both worlds.


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