Rely On Money You Don’t Have Yet

This is something I do every trip that I take. It isn’t the greatest idea because it can backfire on you but I have yet to have any problems with it.  There are a couple ways you can go about doing it.  Some are more risky than others.

First would be what I do.  That is to rely on that glorious payday.  I often try to schedule my trips so that I am gone during payday.  With the magical wonders of direct deposit I can almost always be assured that I will have money in my account on that day.  That way I can leave on a Thursday with just enough money for travel and my bed for the night.  Then On Friday my check will go through and I will have more money for the rest of the trip.  This works even better when you have vacation time.  It can allow you to take a longer vacation without having to come up with a ton of cash all at once.

Another way of doing this is a lot more risky but may also result in a total different travel experience.  This would be to rely on being able to hook some sort of job while visiting a place.  The only times I have heard of this happening is during really long stays or even just WWOOF-ing where you work for your room and board.  One idea would be to mix the two.  WOOF for a couple months and in the mean time look for a job among the local area.  I, for one, am not sure I would be able to do something like this but it does seem like a cool idea so who knows maybe I’ll give it a try sometime.


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