New York (pt. 1)

11-30-2010 Greenbelt bus stop: So I just started my trip and I already realized two mistakes. First is I under estimated the weight of my backpack. I may have over packed but I didn’t want to get stranded with nothing but my camera. Although come to think of it that may be good for inspiration of new types of photos. Second would be under estimating the weather. I knew it was going to rain but I didn’t realize it would have started already and I don’t really have anything to protect my bag from the rain. I will try to find a place that sells ponchos as soon as I get to New York but I am guessing that is not going to be an easy task.

Hostel late night: Staying up all night before the trip made the bus ride ten times more enjoyable since I was able to sleep almost the entire way. Also this is the first time the bus has arrived on time. I was pretty impressed.

It doesn’t matter how many times I come to New York I will always get turned around, especially in the subway. I spent the first hour or so taking the wrong trains riding in circles. Although I think I may have gotten some good subway photos in the meantime. After a little while I was able to find the hostel, which I have to say, is amazing! I have stayed in hotels for five times the amount I spent here and they were ten times worse. This place has a full kitchen, free Wi-Fi, multiple seating places, a theatre room with a projector, pool table, computers with internet access, and so much more. Now when I say “full kitchen” I mean the works. It made boiling water and eating my rehydrated food so simple. There really is no way to describe this place that will do it justice. I will say I will never pay for a hotel in NY as long as this place is still open.

12-01-2010 Hostel Morning: After checking into the hostel I was still tired as hell but I was able to make it out to the Rockefeller Tree lighting. Which, by the way, was kind of lame and a waste of time. At least now I can say I did it but I won’t ever be doing it again. Don’t get me wrong it was a beautiful thing and a great experience but standing shoulder to shoulder with a ton of strangers for hours just to see a tree light up is not worth it. I suppose if I didn’t get lost on the train, checked in early or even came a day ahead of time I could have gotten there to earlier to get a good spot to see the performers. But that just means spending even more time standing around in the cold. Not to mention a waste of an entire day.

Before I went to the tree lighting I was able to drop off a bunch of my stuff in my locker at the hostel. This was another major perk of this hostel as I would not have been able to make it out to the tree or stand that long with all that weight. I am supposed to check out today at noon and as much as I don’t really like New York, I don’t really want to leave either.


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