Short Trip Short Notice (pt. 2)

Bus MD to NY and back —- $34.50
Hostel stay for one night — $32.00
Having an awesome and cheap 2 day trip to NY — Priceless

So everything is all booked and ready to go!  I booked everything last minute due to my own indecision but in the end I can’t pass it up.  I try not to do this sort of thing because as you can see the price did go up on the hostel stay.  While you think $12 isn’t that much, think about how much dehydrated food or snacks you can get for that extra $12.  That could be a whole day’s worth of food.  Since this is such a short trip it is not something to really worry about but when stretching a small amount of money over a long period of time that is definitely something you need to consider.

Anyway back on subject, I am leaving in the morning and will return tomorrow evening.  I need to find some food that I can take with me.  I don’t want to spend any more money than I planned but I will have some reserve set up for emergency.  Although I will admit I will probably hit up B&H Photo for a couple things but technically that’s not the cost of the trip so it doesn’t count.  I have been trying to figure out a way to bring dehydrated food and tea that just needs boiling water to serve as a good meal.  The problem is where do I get the boiling water?  The hostel says it has a kitchen so I will bring it and see how that works out.  If I had planned it out a little more I would dehydrate some soup and bring that with also.  For now I think I will stick with some dried food and snacks.

I feel I may be packing too much electronics.  I have my camera, laptop, backup batteries, flashlights, PSP, etc.  As much as I want to pack light, I know the bus ride is boring as hell and I am afraid my first night in a hostel may be a sleepless one.  I just have a feeling I will be kicking myself later but I need to be entertained during the down time.

So since I will be gone for the next couple days I may not have a chance to post a blog during that time.  Yes, I know, I am already behind but I promise during my time out there I will be writing and I will post it as soon as possible.  Who knows maybe I will even find a wifi spot to hijack for a quick post.  Either way, wish me luck and look forward to the photos!


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