I am not sure if it is the area I live in with all of the government jobs and funding but lately I have met a lot of people who either travel regularly or have spent time overseas.  Most come from money or at least have pretty well paid jobs so I am sure their experiences were nothing more than the typical tourist traps.  However I can’t help but to be jealous.  Most of these people are even younger than me so it’s not like they have had more time to save up or amazing jobs that send them overseas (well some have).  But some are even students that take time off to see amazing parts of the world.  Maybe it’s the blindness of jealousy but then I start to think if they were just handed the trip then did they really appreciate the opportunity they were given?  Some, after talking with them about it, I know for sure they do not.  As much as I know working hard towards something gives it so much more value, I can’t help but wish I was one of those lucky ones.

So in short it has been hard to keep up my motivation lately.  In the beginning I was all in, however, lately it’s been looking like the goal is getting further away.  I think with my trip to MN and a possible trip next week will help to push myself.  Either that or it will show me what my idea is really like and if I can actually handle it.


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